Ken Attwell (KVA GT40 Replicas)

Ken Attwell died on Tuesday 28th February 2017, in hospital, in Swansea. He was in his eighties.

Most GT40 replica enthusiasts will know that Ken started off the GT40 replica scene, in the early 1980s, whilst he was an engineer at Ford's Swansea Transmission plant where the FORD vehicle heritage collection was kept for many years.
Sad news indeed, he started the ability for people to follow their dream. Many of us here on this forum owe him a debt of gratitude for his efforts.

Sad loss the GT40 community and Ford alumni, RIP



Oh my gosh! RIP mate. What a blow, but a good innings and quite a legacy. I met Ken once down in Wales many moons ago when looking at one of his earliest creations (red with an XR3i engine). I was about to drop some cash on it when somebody offered me a Shelby GT350 at a knockdown price. No contest.

Nice guy. Thanks for everything Ken!

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
RIP Ken, look what you started!
I spoke to him when he was selling his original KVA, but didn't take him up on the offer.
Sad loss but a good innings!.


Paul Hendrickx

we all are just passing by on this planet, but some letting a nice footprint and history in this small world of special cars, and kept many of us away from the pub......RIP
Yes, as inspirational chap. I first saw his KVA replica in 'Car' magazine (or could it have been 'Small Car'?). Quite astonishing - so I made the long trek to South Wales to talk to him. That was when he used the XR3i engine, and as I was looking for a home for my Twin Cam, I got to thinking... Costs precluded action, so it remained a dream until recently. But I still have those magazine pages with their magic, evocative photographs. Thanks Ken!

I done the same thing...met my girlfriend at Heathrow, then on to South Wales & stayed the night with Ken... drove the Red xr3i next day...put down a deposit. RIP Ken.
I've had the following communication from Ken Attwell's sister, Brenda Ward (no relation) requesting information regarding Ken's GT40 Replicas.

'Hi Alastair
I hope you don't mind me approaching you like this but I have just read your notice on the GT40 forum regarding the death of my brother Ken Attwell. I tried to join the forum to add something about my brother but it seemed inappropriate.

If you have any memories/information about him regards his KVA GT40 I'd appreciate it or refer me to anyone else who could.
If it is allowed maybe you could put something on your forum with my email address. I no longer live in Swansea I'm in the Birmingham area now.
I have collected lots of magazines etc along with my brothers letters from the very start of his involvement with the GT40 and to add anything else to it would be a lasting memory to pass on to his son.
Thank you
Brenda Ward nee Attwell'

Brenda can be contacted by email on [email protected]

Thanks Guys


Mr Attwell was responsible for fulfilling so many dreams for so many people, and ultimately a whole industry. I would think every GT40 manufacturer in the world can directly or indirectly trace their lineage back to one of his creations. We as enthusiasts have a lot to thank him for. RIP Ken.

Howard Jones

Dozens of new friends and thousands of hours of entertainment all because of that first little fiberglass car. Thanks Ken and god bless your family.
Wow! A shame I just got started in this GT40 world. Seems like a very instrumental person in making a legacy live on for so many. I must now learn as much as I can about this Mr. Ken Attwell. Obviously this man will live for ever! Thank you Mr. Attwell!
It’s interesting to think, that for many people throughout the world, their first glimpse of a GT40 was more than likely a descendant of Ken’s work.

I suspect a large majority of the replicas in existence today, especially those in Australia have some lineage back to Ken.