1. Kim Haun

    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    The stainless steel bundle of snakes I received with the RCR GT40 project I purchased turned out not to fit the car. Everything is too high and too wide to fit under the fiberglass rear clip. I'm in the re-design stage of re-working the exhaust and am looking for opinions on what clearances...
  2. P

    Happy Birthday Frank

    Manny Happy Returns Mr C! :thumbsup: WOW! : 5 over the speed limit & still running well:laugh::laugh:
  3. J

    Citroen C35 transmission.

    Who is running one. I like to know how the shifter linkage setup is. I am not interrested in Don't, Skip, Shitbox trow away answers. I am not interrested in use UN1, Audi, Porsche whatever instead I know early KVA came with these tranny's and they can be easely beefed upto 450bhp with...
  4. J


    Hi guys and gals .... I'm not using my 40 yet IVA in January ,,,,,,,,,, I have running in oil in my engine 302 ..... How long should this be left in ? ..I am running it up now and again .. so when I change the oil and filter what oil do you guys use ?? I used Valvoline in my Cobra with no...
  5. MikeP

    Motor Sport Magazine

    In the July 2017 edition of Motor Sport magazine there is a 23 page spread on the GT40, Mainly about running P1000W at Spa. Cheers Mike
  6. G

    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Hi My Superformance MkII is currently undergoing it's engine install, it is having a Roush 427IR with Borla 8 stack fuel injection - because of the Borla the engine has been supplied without initial test bed running. Information from Roush on oil recommendation appears limited to "10w30...
  7. R

    2017 Philip Island Historic Races - Photos

    Some of my photos from the Sunday when i made it down. Haven't had the camera out for a few years so im a bit rusty. hope some of the photos are useful to other builders and the guys that were running. Will have to use a longer shutter next time for more motion blur. Philip Island...
  8. 6

    Lola GT MK6 Early Photos

    Other than the couple of photos from the introduction at the Racing Car Show, these photos from Silverstone Trophy race May 11th are the earliest photos prior to running Le Mans. I was interesting to see the original configuration. Photos courtesy of Revs Institute® Archives, George Phillips...