1. J

    Graziano Shifter

    Long time reader :) I am not building an SLC, but love the platform and have made friends with a few owners. What I do have is a Graziano going into a Cayman. I have struggling to find a shifter and I understand from Fran that his 100% new shifter is not in production yet. Anybody have a...
  2. Howard Jones

    UN1 Renault optional shifter

    I have a GTD (center shift USA car) with the original Lotus Esprit shifter and translator (piece on gearbox) First the nylon bits in the shifter are worn out and second I've never really liked how the Lotus system works. Has anyone ever found a alternative shifter(part in cockpit) that would...
  3. 7

    Has anyone ever gotten a Griffin transaxle......

    I'm in the planning stages for a GT40 car and am looking at my options for the transaxle. I want to do a right hand drive setup with the shifter on the right, so cable shifter. It seems like the best I've found so far is a Porsche 6-speed. Rebuilt by a reputable company with an adapter plate...
  4. 7

    302 or 351W??? I'm driving myself nuts

    Well I'm still in the planning stages of a GT40 build. But I really want to have everything lined up before I drop the $$$$. I've been pouring over all the stuff online regarding various drivetrain possibilities. I think I've got the trans down as a Porsche unit. I've talked with several of...
  5. J

    Citroen C35 transmission.

    Who is running one. I like to know how the shifter linkage setup is. I am not interrested in Don't, Skip, Shitbox trow away answers. I am not interrested in use UN1, Audi, Porsche whatever instead I know early KVA came with these tranny's and they can be easely beefed upto 450bhp with...
  6. gt40fran

    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Superlite is pleased to announce general availability of their new in-house designed and CNC-machined billet shifter for the Graziano transaxle cars. Many builders have expressed a preference for the OEM Audi R8 shifter because of its improved feel and appearance, but these are increasingly...
  7. L

    cable shifter sacc restoration

    has anyone any experience with this company or their cable shifter setup for a gt40 1200.00 out the door trans adapter, cable and shifter for an ERA car zftrans lloyd
  8. JBurer

    Seats, Dash Unit and Carbon Fiber Shifter Tunnel

    With the car sold, I don't have any need for: - OEM seats (new style, standard size) - Digidash - the dash unit the SLC binnacle was designed to fit - Carbon Fiber interior shifter tunnel If interested in any of these, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks! John
  9. Fivepointseven

    Audi 01E gear shifter

    Hi, I am looking for a ready to install gear shifter for my Audi 01E. Can anybody help on this? Thanks in advance, Udo
  10. M

    Racelogic and gated shifter

    I am looking for a Racelogic traction control system and a gated shifter. I have been waiting on ECS tuning since November on backorder. (gated shifter). If anyone has a lead on either component, I would appreciate the referral.
  11. PeteB

    Aftermarket shifter options?

    I've got about 1200 miles on the car now, and the one aspect of driving it that I'm really not happy with is the shifter. The throw seems too long and 1st and 2nd gear are really hard to find. Anyone tried or know of an aftermarket shifter that would be compatible with the Graziano? A couple...