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    #1032 @ le mans

    Hi Vintage photos show #1032 copper/bronze having a silver upper band around the front and side glass. Was it simple a way to block the sun glare or more complicated? Thanks L Taylor
  2. C

    Question about ignition options....

    I have to replace the large (huge!) HEI distributor on my 347 with something smaller to clear the new injection manifold and TB's going onto the car. The HEI dizzy is just way too big to clear. So, what I'm looking for is either a small sized distributor ignition system, or a distributor-less...
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    Reco on injection and ignition

    Hi, My Fortus (347 SBF in a Lotus Esprit) project is making progress. I have the engine/transaxle mounts fabricated and the drivetrain is essentially mounted. Now comes the tough part - axle shafts, hooking up the ancillaries, oiling, cooling mods, etc. etc.... I have a basic Holley double...