Question about ignition options....

I have to replace the large (huge!) HEI distributor on my 347 with something smaller to clear the new injection manifold and TB's going onto the car. The HEI dizzy is just way too big to clear.

So, what I'm looking for is either a small sized distributor ignition system, or a distributor-less ignition system. Generally, I'm looking for something 100% dead simple, user friendly, and dead reliable. I don't need infinite tunability or complex programming. My little brain can't handle it.

The MSD 6 system looks to have a small-ish sized distributor (which may clear). It also appears to be programmable as far as timing and advance. Is that correct?

Alternatively, is there a good and simple distributor-less system out there? Suggestions?

In case it makes any difference, I want to keep EFI fueling control and ignition completely separate systems. This is because I want to run the car with a simple Holley 4 barrel first before switching over to injection later.

Any help is much appreciated.


Randy V

I would get the recommendation from the maker of the intake manifold.
I had to polish away a bit of the casting on my Weber intake to clear the small MSD distributor.. it was only about 1/8-3/16" ...
Thanks Randy, yup, checked with them - they were quite helpful but essentially recommended a distributor-less system. That makes sense, just trying to weigh the different options.

Alternatively, I think I could squeeze a small dizzy in there....perhaps try that for starters just to keep things simple. Looks like I'll probably have to remove a bit of material too, like you.

I use the MSD Small Cap "Pro-Billet" distributor on my Borla setup. It fits right in there and the centerline fuel rails terminate and clear just enough to allow you to remove/replace the cap/rotor.

I also see a distributor-less setup in my future. I should be able to hide the technology (coil packs) in the sponsons and avoid any cap/rotor/distributor gear wear issues in the future. With the stack injection setup, I like the idea of treating each cylinder's fuel and timing independently from adjacent cylinders, which is what a sequential system with the individual coil packs can do for you.
Hi Cliff, check out the Pertronix "Stock Look" as cast distributors. On GT40s it's much easier to install (firewall clearance) with the engine already mounted. I used one in this RCR GT40 to replace the Ford dual point distributor. The Ignitor III version comes with built in multi-strike spark, rev limiter, timing assist for easier starting and vacuum advance. No need for the weight, wiring and hassle of a separate spark box. Just put one in a Cobra with 347 along with a MSD Atomic EFI system, works excellent.



Really appreciate the helpful suggestions and ideas here gents.

After a lot of thought....and re-thinking....I ended up adding the FAST dual sync distributor here. This distributor is plug and play with my FAST 2.0 EFI system with crank/cam positioning. I've done a lot of research on the FAST 2.0 system and while there are some mixed reviews there's a lot of really, really good reviews. It's tough competition out there with Holley and Fiteq along with others. On the ignition side there's lots of good competition as was pointed out in this thread....from MSD, pertronix and others.

The FAST 2.0 EFI system looks good, and relatively easy to set up. I have quite a bit of experience with EFI so I understand very well all the concepts and functions of the various sensors that tend to go along with EFI.

Here's a follow up question. Has anyone had first hand experience setting up a FAST 2.0 system? What I mean by that is first hand (not somebody's mechanic...). Impressions?

Randy V

I have a lot of first hand experiences with that complete system. It’s all sitting in a box now since the mfgr was not able to help us get it working reliably.. Do a search and you’ll get all the dirt.
I cannot recommend the FAST 2.0 System.
Thanks Randy, appreciate the insight. I've done a fair bit of web research....and have seen there are some issues/problems people have experienced. There's also some good success stories. I'll give it a whirl since I've already bought the 2.0 kit.

What do you recommend as an alternate system?


Randy V

We had heard and seen a lot of good results with FAST 1.0 which is why we decided to try the newer system when it came out at SEMA a couple years ago. Bought the full-meal-deal including the distributor all pumps etc. I feel certain that the ECU logic board is faulty, but FAST refuses to replace it. We even went through all of their wiring scenarios also in an attempt to isolate the problem (they claimed “noise” and “feedback”). Finally, they stopped returning phone calls. It all sits in a box under a bench since we are now not only out of warranty, but beyond the acceptable return window with the vendor.