1. P

    FS: Graziano/Coyote clutch package

    I have a brand new clutch/flywheel package that I would like to sell. It was sourced from RCR and includes the Audi clutch and RCR steel flywheel. Ring gear is not included . $2,000. Thanks for looking, Ron [email protected] 410-596-3170
  2. pjbs

    Hi to all.

    I'm new to this site. I'm embarking on constructing a GT40 from scratch. To begin with a replica steel monocoque. So I will be asking lots of questions. Pete.
  3. G

    289 Kit

    Used steel 289ci rotating kit. Internally balanced knifed edged steel crank, 2" big ends. 927" pin, 5.7" steel H beam rods giving an excellent rod ratio. 0.030" over pop up forged CP pistons. New set of Clevite big end and mains bearings with kit. £650. Parts location NN14
  4. Fivepointseven

    Exhaust manifold

    Hi, I am looking for a exhaust system for my GT40 in stainless steel. Does someone has a good source in Europe? Thanks, Udo
  5. D

    Aluminium Monocoque or Steel Space Frame Chassis?

    Forgive me if this subject/question has already been covered before - I'm a newbie to this forum!! I'm currently looking into a number of kits at the moment and I'm not sure whether to go with a Steel Triangular Space Frame or Aluminium Semi-Monocoque Chassis? The GT40 that I want to build...