289 Kit

Used steel 289ci rotating kit. Internally balanced knifed edged steel crank, 2" big ends. 927" pin, 5.7" steel H beam rods giving an excellent rod ratio. 0.030" over pop up forged CP pistons. New set of Clevite big end and mains bearings with kit. £650. Parts location NN14


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Hi Colin. I read your mail but can't seem to find it now. From what i can remember from your mail. The kit was out of an Australian 289 race engine with the crankshaft manufactured by a company there. I'm not sure which grade of steel the crank is made from. Comp height is going to be std 289 stroke plus the rod length - deck height. Thanks Pete.
It was the dome volume I was after - to give some idea of comp ratio, is there a CP part number? Can you tell whether the crank is machined from a billet or a forging?
Hi Colin. The crank is machined all over so would say billet. The pistons are in my workshop so will get some piston specs. Thanks Pete.
Hey Colin. Yep the kit is still for sale i've just not had time to go measure the pistons. I will do and report back. Pete.
Sorry Colin just been flat out. Only just got back from Bahrain off to China Sunday. So when i get back will sort out the measurements. Thanks Pete.