1. weisserheilbronn

    Source for UNC bolts / hardware in Europe / Germany?

    Hello European builders, Can you tell me where you buy your UNC bolts / hardware? Availabilty of UNC bolts in Germany with desired dimension, proper grade and good plating is poor - after I found the right one it was 2€ /piece.... Naturally I don't need huge quantities... for metric...
  2. C

    Underbody coatings

    What have folks used to coat the undersides of their bodies? I’m looking to try and quiet down any rock or wind generated noise. Same stuff for the wheel well liners and general bodywork? Or different based on location? Thanks, Cam
  3. MikeP

    A blast from the past

    Here is a video of the sort of stuff I enjoyed when all the cars looked and sounded different. A classic race of a big banger versus a smaller nimble car. Also one of the reasons i bought a 2l Viva GT instead of an Escort Mexico. I was also a big fan of Vauxhall tuner Bill Blydenstein and the...
  4. D

    Porsche 930 Trans Stuff

    Hello Gents, as it has been a few years since selling off the race car I have not been on here much. However I have been cleaning around the shop and stumbled upon some things that maybe someone here can use. Here's the catch......I don't want anything for this stuff as I have gotten much...
  5. R

    Please Help! ZF/ZFQ Shift Specs

    I need the following. Shift Specs for a ZF or ZFQ transaxle. I.E. pattern, rotation deg and travel of the shifter shaft. I know I have this info but after spending more than a day looking I'm just going to ask the people that know this stuff of the top of there heads. I've even seen the...
  6. L

    Install question

    On average, how long does it take an experienced gearhead to physically install an engine and transaxle in a GT40 and hook up all the prerequisite control cables, hoses, blah, blah, blah? (Tuning and all that 'after-the-fact' stuff aside.) I have $10 USD riding on the answer! 'No pressure...