1. F

    Valve covers please???

    Anyone have valve covers for a 351 AFR alum head? Looking for weslake, eagle, or moody type.
  2. F

    valve covers

    Can anyone tell me what period correct looking valve covers I can fit with my current header setup? Wondering if I can fit Westlake or similar? Any and all options are appreciated as I do not like the current valve covers.
  3. weisserheilbronn

    Recommendation valve cover gasket

    Hello all, Does anybody have a good recommendation for valve cover gaskets? Setup: 302 with AFR heads and repro cast aluminum Gurney Weslake valve covers With regular cork gaskets I'm not lucky. Markus
  4. B

    Weslake Gurney Eagle Ford heads

    I have most of an original Weslake Eagle kit along with all the intake manifold variations. I do not have all of the studs and am missing the rockers ( new ones available from Cushman)and the water return manifolds, these could be fabbed or bought from cushman. This kit was bought out of Gurneys...
  5. J

    Canada/NZ TVR

    Thought some of you older members might enjoy an Up Date pic of the TVR, It has been running in Classic series for over 15 years now, 13 of those on the same engine & just finished this season with 8 wins I think. In that time its managed to fail a roller lifter ( due to error in setting valve...
  6. KENS80V

    FS USA LS engine heater core bypass valve

    I'm selling my heater core bypass set up for use with LS engines (never used). This is the Old Air Products 50-1555. I converted this control to be used by a toggle on/off switch instead of a rotary switch. Mine can also be used with no switch at all for stealth operation. You would just tap in...
  7. W

    Cylinder head inlet valve sizes

    Hi All, I have a 331 stroker engine with modified pro sport cyl heads 1.9 in 1.6 exh. Originally the engine was built with a 268XE cam from comp cams but this has now been changed to a 274XE cam from comp cams. Question is, are the cylinder heads, especially the inlet valve size suitable...
  8. J

    Non return valve ...

    Hi all just checking I have put my non return valve in the correct way . On the valve it has an arrow and says flow , This is on my vacume hose from servos to carb arrow is pointing to carb .. Doing my final checks ... Thanks John...
  9. M

    Original GT40 Mk II Heads?

    Had oil blowing out the valve cover gaskets on my Contemporary Cobra on to #5 and #1 plugs. So, I decided to clean the mess up, and replaced the valve cover gaskets on both sides. I had been told by the person who sold me the Cobra that his father, a racer, had bought the motor (have receipt)...
  10. M

    Heater Hose with "T"

    I have seen a number of builds with a "T" installed in the heater hose between the heater hose leaving the motor and the hose attaching to the heater control valve. Can anyone clarify what that "T" is for?