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    Help to Identify a Gulf GTD.....

    I've been contacted by the Roads and Maritime Services / vehicle registration authority in New South Wales, Australia about a car they are trying to register over there. Anyone have info on the factory built cars to try and trace this one? I've got a chassis number and need to try and verify...
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    Paper Trail

    Hi..I purchased a vehicle from a Private Party. Supposedly this vehicle has pedigree from the builder. The private owner did include his race history, and what he could supply I have requested information. I can't seem to get anywhere with the Distributor. I can't even find out if this vehicle...
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    IVA towing device

    Just spotted this hidden away in depths of the manual The vehicle must have a suitable towing device on the front of the vehicle to allow the attachment of a rigid towing bar. I was going to fit one of these I assume it is not acceptable, what have you fitted? Thanks Nick