Help to Identify a Gulf GTD.....

I've been contacted by the Roads and Maritime Services / vehicle registration authority in New South Wales, Australia about a car they are trying to register over there.

Anyone have info on the factory built cars to try and trace this one? I've got a chassis number and need to try and verify the legitimacy, manufacturer and date of manufacture of a vehicle pertaining to be a genuine GTD built vehicle.

I've had a quick look at the club register but its not finding anything with a chassis number search - any info greatly appreciated.

Mike Pass

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Up till 1990 no GTD chassis number had GTD in it. Thereafter the chassis number had GTD40 in front of the chassis number. After 1994 the Poole area dialing code of 01202 and some zeros were added to pack it out to meet legal requirements. After that then you get into licensed territory with it going GTD4RW or RS at the beginning instead of GTD400, dependent on who made what and when. But there are not many of those chassis numbers.

For example if VIN on the frame is GTD40 01202 00370 99
The code is quite simple.
The first 2 characters - '40' are obvious.
The next 5 - '01202' - is the area code for Poole, where the GTD factory was.
The last 2 - '99' is the year of manufacture.
The remaining characters - '00370' is the serial number.
Thus the chassis is a GTD40, built in Poole, number 370, in 1999.

I can't remember where i got this from but hope it helps.

Thanks Mike, I did find this on another thread you posted a while back. The chassis number I've been sent has the GTD40 at the front, then 4 digits, then an 'M' and 6 last digits. So doesn't seem to fit???
Would every chassis get stamped from the factory or maybe the builder chose this?

Mike Pass

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That's a bit of a puzzle. I would guess that the factory cars would all be stamped. As it has GTD40 in the VIN it would seem to indicate post 1990. Do you know where on the frame the chassis number was stamped . They were usually factory stamped on the thick tubes above the steering rack but some (including mine) were also stamped on the bar at the very back of the chassis. It may be one of the licensed ones and stamped locally in Oz by the constructor with what they considered to be a GTD style number.

Here's a couple of pics I was sent which may jog someones memory. The car was imported into Australia so I'd guess wasn't built there. The chassis number ends in 89 so a 1989 build?
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Mike Pass

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Another angle may be to get pics of parts of the car which are recognisably GTD such as the rear uprights, front wishbones and the rear chassis frame. The square cutouts in the rear clip in the second pic look odd.


40 Bud

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The opening for the exhaust pipes and the two panels with the oval cutouts are not GTD style. Based on those I would say that it is not a GTD. More better quality photos might help in making an ID.

Mike Pass

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The cutouts in the rear panel for the exhausts (central) and the two cooling openings at each side look very rectangular and not like the more rounded GTD style openings with slanted outer edges. See attached pic for comparison.



Jac Mac

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Racking the grey matter here.

Before the final demise of GTD, did they not have a second factory set up in Manchester?

So based on that.
GTD0161M would work as 0161 is Manchester and M again a reference to city.

I also turned this up shows a MIn the number

Re Bonhams auction data, IIRC the 'M6007-C347' is the Ford Motorsport part # for the 347 crate engine, hardly likely to use that as part of chassis number.


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Looking at the chassis number pictures it gets a bit confusing.

The non factory chassis plate has 11489 on it. Chassis numbers for 1989 went from 13989 to 19889. 114 should fall into 1988 so this is odd. And chassis no 11488 was possibly used for making moulds.

But then if you look closely at the picture of what appears to be the genuine GTD chassis stamps there are numbers that would appear to have been added. The effect of the number stamps varies. And critically, is there an extra 4 between the clearly stamped 4 and the 89? It would make sense if there is an extra 4 there as there is a GTD chassis record for 14489. Snag is what info I have then says it was used for a crash test!

But from the pictures posted there are many many features of GTD showing that you would not expect to see on a non GTD car and some items are non GTD but these could easily be items self built to save buying the expensive GTD parts. Not everyone bought the entire GTD kit.

Hope this helps