Paper Trail

Hi..I purchased a vehicle from a Private Party. Supposedly this vehicle has pedigree from the builder. The private owner did include his race history, and what he could supply
I have requested information. I can't seem to get anywhere with the Distributor. I can't even find out if this vehicle is here legally. I was asking for the Race History, I know the US History. The Distributor will not give me this information.

My question would be...If a distributor sold a car directly to a customer wouldn't that car have to have proper paperwork ? And show sold by the Distributor ?

I explained to the Distributor that it would be a win win for both of us. He just doesn't see it that way...I have an interested party in the vehicle. They are requesting the information. I'm sure that if he does not get soon, he will walk.

This is no way a knock on reputable builders that visit or advertise on this site...
I was able to contact the engine builder Keith Craft he forwarded me the Dyno Numbers.
I have still tried working with the Distributor to get additional information. From emails that I have from the Distributor that has stated he's lost many Thousands of Dollars and I guess he is upset that he can't play with the big boys. If you require any info please PM...
I received an email from the Original Owner and Builder. Mr. Bailey was kind enough to reach out. It was a welcome change form dealing with the US Distributor Ron Gallo.

Communicate direct with me in the future, whole lot easier.
That car was my own race car , the first off the line when I started Bailey cars.
It has won many races, including an international race At Zwartkops raceway in Pretoria, South Africa.
I have not kept any build records from the car, but all the pics on our website and related with the dark blue no 40 car is the same no car.
Also Google Historic Racing South Africa, scroll back to 2004 onwards , and the car should appear in the pre-69 sports and GT category’s

It has solid history and a good strong car .
We do support the cars with spares and upkeep.