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    CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue **SOLD**

    This is a Mk1 built by CAV in Nov 2005 and fitted out in 2006 by renowned GT40 and Cobra builder Bill Mitchell of HRE Motorsports in New York. Gulf Flares, Twin Snorkel, Lemans Blue Metallic, Silver Center Stripes, Black Perforated Leather. Smiths gauges, 220 mph speedo, Lucas toggle switches...
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    Registration/VIN in Texas

    Hi: I am in Houston, Texas, and a new Superformance GT40 MKII I have coming should be ready for the road in several months. Right now I am in the process of putting together my notes on how to register and insure the car into an outline, of sorts, so I don't mess it up. Something I have...
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    VIN Plates

    Hi Guys I've been off the forum for quite some time and I see personal messages from years past to me asking for VIN plates. I apologize for the no response but I've been out of the country for years. That said - YES, I still make VIN plates for GT40's. FAV, FoMoCo, JWE...all of them. It's...
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    My Texas Title Experiance

    For those of you in Texas who have yet to title their cars, I just titled and registered my car here as a custom car Replica. It could not have been easier!! I just faithfully followed the instructions for a later model Replica (vs the pre 50s ). The biggest deal is I had to get a one time...
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    location of VIN nr.

    Hi :-) can someone tell me how many and where the locations of the VIN number is, on a 66 Superformance mk11.