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    Superformance gt40 RHD mk1 or 2

    Hey guys Look looking for a RHD superformance build. Will consider mk1 or mk2 Thanks
  2. S

    Finally Able to say hello!

    It's been a challenge for me to get registered here on this forum, but I'm dreaming of an already build Superlite, and wanted to aquaint myself with the platform. Thanks for having me guys!
  3. C

    Wanted: Original and Superformance parts book/technical paperwork

    Wanted: Does anyone have an original GT40 parts book available like in the photo? And also, does anyone have a parts book for the Superformance GT40s, service bulletins, and other technical documentation? Many thanks, Elliot 941-468-0433
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    Vickers fuel cock wanted

    Vickers fuel cock wanted, any condition. Many thanks, Elliot.
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    Wanted: RBT 5 speed transaxle

    Wanted: RBT 5 speed transaxle. Contact Elliot at 941-468-0433 or [email protected]
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    Hello again - thinking of another GT40

    Hi all Just wanted to say hi again as haven't been on here for a few years since selling my part finished Tornado replica. Owning a GT40 was a real dream for me but as my build progressed I realised that as much time and attention and original parts that I lavished on the car it wasn't going to...
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    Rear Fog light IVA.

    Hi all has any body fitted the rear fog light gadget that turns off the fog light once you turn your light off. And don't allow the fog light to be left on . I'm fitting one now ........ And wanted to know how you got on with it .. It became part of the IVA list in 2013. Can you let...
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    Wanted Accusump

    I'm after a Accusump if any one has one spare.
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    Wanted - Renault UN1 Gearbox

    Hi, I am looking for a Renault UN1 gearbox to use as a base in which to fit a Quaife gear kit and LSD. Any offers greatly appreciated. Thanks. Steve