Hello again - thinking of another GT40

Hi all

Just wanted to say hi again as haven't been on here for a few years since selling my part finished Tornado replica. Owning a GT40 was a real dream for me but as my build progressed I realised that as much time and attention and original parts that I lavished on the car it wasn't going to be the car that I wanted so I reluctantly my build.

Since then I've been lucky enough to buy a series 1 Jaguar E-type FHC which is an absolutely fantastic car and I really enjoy the balance of using the car, going to shows and doing the odd jobs here and there as I just don't have the same time I used to work on cars etc as I have 1 year old son that keeps me very busy. However while the Jag is fantastic the desire for a GT40 is still there and with prices of classics on the rise a Superformance GT40 is now within reach as in theory I could do a straight swap for my car and get into a SPF GT40.

I know everyone on here will say to do it but I am going to take a little time to think about what to do and do some research again particularly on engines and gearboxes as I also have to factor the cost of that into the purchase price.

Anyway hope to chat to a few of you again and sure you'll see me asking stupid questions but just wanted to say hi. Would also be interested to see what you would do in the same situation.

Here are a few pics of the E-type




Nice E type (one of my wife's favs) it just depends on you as to which you'd prefer. I'm sure they drive differently. Being a mid engine Vs a front engine car. What anybody else would do in your situation is not important. You need to figure out what you want the car for? Or what you want to do with it. I suppose everybody has their own reasons for why they bought a particular car. Sometimes it's ego driving a car that attracts a lot of attention. Or for competition occasionally or a lot. Or just always dreamed of having a car like one you saw when you were younger & fell in love with (for whatever reason). Those who build like to be able to say "I built it myself". But what ever YOU decide? Welcome back to the forum.
Hi Trevor, I was an avid reader of your build blog back in the day!

Anyway, my new SPF GT40 MkII is currently being introduced to its engine and transmission at Le Mans Coupes in Crawley - and I hope to take delivery of the completed vehicle in the next few months, if IVA doesn't prove too troublesome!

I can't comment on the finished vehicle but I'm happy to share anything I've gleaned during the ordering phase etc - feel free to PM me with any questions.