Wanted: Original and Superformance parts book/technical paperwork


Does anyone have an original GT40 parts book available like in the photo?

And also, does anyone have a parts book for the Superformance GT40s, service bulletins, and other technical documentation?

Many thanks,


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There is no SPF parts book, the importer has not issued one. We do have numerous factory parts diagrams with number however. PM with your email and I can forward them.
Look up Jay Cushman. He sells a lot of original style parts and has/had the diagrams on his website. (what motor are you putting in the Gulf???) . S
Thankyou Scott! :) Yes, Jay has been of great help to me and I'm familiar with the exploded diagrams you mean. I was just hoping someone may have an original booklet.
I'm going with a 302 for the car.


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Hi Elliot,
There are two parts to the JWA publication that you are looking for.
The parts and price list and the other has the illustrations.
Pricey if you can find them but worth it.


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Hi James,

Yes, those are exactly what I am looking for, thankyou! Anyone know of or have them available? Thanks.