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    Share your engine combination............

    Maybe this could become a sticky. I've been surfing the internet and mainly magazine articles on various engine builds from a 289/302 up to a 427 windsor stroker and even a few 427FE builds. I was just wondering if people would share their engine builds along with their HP/TQ dyno results...
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    351 Windsor ID ??

    Hi, well I scooped up a 351 Windsor that happened to be right down the road. It's a 2-barrel intake engine. I don't have a car to put it in yet, but hey that's a minor detail :rolleyes:. Anyway, I got it home and managed to clean all the sludge off of the engine to get the block ID. The guy...
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    Pull clutch on windsor motorl

    I have a Porsche G50 52 trans axle up to a Windsor 347 small block I'm using a pull clutch after start up and approx 50 clutch cycles the main bearing wore severely . I have been told the clutch pressure is to much ? is anyone using the same combo? Any help would be appreciated
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    016 third gear

    Hi guys, Have had the misfortune of knocking some teeth off third gear in my 016. If anyone has a damaged gearbox but with a good third gear please let me know. It is an AAZ ratio box with all the upgrades and has lasted well over the last 14 years behind a 347 windsor. As much as an...