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    max safe revs from a 302

    Just wondering... I bought the car a while back, and cannot get detailed info on the engine internals. Moderate power (250), 4-barrel Holley, conventional valve gear. Of course max revs will go well past peak power, but on our lovely deserted Scottish roads :-), I'm just wondering how high I...
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    Any UK based SLC owners?

    Have been lurking for a while. Im seriously contemplating an SL-C build here in the UK. I was wondering if there were any SL-C build owners in the UK who could answer a few questions? Cheers Mike
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    A Scary Photo

    After driving 55 miles, I found this when I lifted the tail.
  4. C

    Logging in to the site

    Hi. For the last few weeks I've had to put in my user name and password in every time I visit the site. I tick the 'remember me' box every time. Just wondering if this is a change to the site, or whether it's just me?
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    Hello, new to site, wondering what "real" cost is of a GT40?

    Hello, been involved in muscle cars and some foreign for years. I've owned/worked on a 1970 Maserati Ghibli, 1967 Impala SS, 1970 Buick GS455, etc. I do all my own work Engine rebuilds, suspension, fuel systems, wiring, etc except for transmissions and rearends.. Just don't wanna go there...
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    Where to find Tillett seats?

    Where are you guys buying Tillett B5's? Tillett USA is backordered. I found a UK place that will ship pretty reasonably, but wondering if there's a better source in the USA. Thanks!
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    Fortyfication 114

    Hi, After reading the most recent copy of Fortyfication, I nowhere could find an explanation of the cover picture. I haven't seen it before and I am still wondering....!
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    Guf Gt40 Paint

    Hello, I am new to the site but i will just get right to the question. I was wondering if anyone knows the paint codes to chassis:1075,1074,1051 and also what paint shops do the most realistic gulf paint, i have noticed with some gulf cars that the front orange smile has different sizes and...