A Scary Photo

Fully agree with scary photo. But taking a positive outlook....rather in that position then in the tire! Those are some sticky tires though.

Larry L.

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Stating the obvious; the tire had to have picked up that nail within the last couple of rotations prior to your car coming to a stop. Otherwise centrifugal force would almost immediately have launched that puppy into orbit! (I doubt any tire is sticky enough to hold a nail in that position 'at speed'.)

Regardless, it's clear the 'road gods' did take pity on ya!

(Edit: I once parked my hot rod S-10's left-rear BFG "Drag Radial" atop a two foot long 2x6 [to do this and that]. When I jacked up the rear end of the truck the next day - the 2x6 lifted with the tire. 'Couldn't believe my eyes.)
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