016, what flywheel, clutch, and starter?

Am wondering what is used. I was thinking a diesel audi 5000 starter might turn the 302???? Not too sure what everyone uses for clutch/pressure plate and what the biggest diameter flywheel and clutch that will fit??
I would like it to be something that is stocked through normal part sources,i am sick of having to wait 4 weeks for a head gasket (and counting), and having to store tons of spare parts i MIGHT need for my truck. Last question, when you use a 1.5" thick adapter spacer do you shim the flywheel back this much too??


MikeDD says that Kennedy has an adapter for the Audi to Ford in the thread about strengthening an Audi. When Kennedy has an adapter, that means adapter plate, flywheel, pressure plate, clutch, starter and everything including bolts and pilot bearing (if needed) to connect the two. Like I said in my comment to his post, if it is Kennedy, you can bet it is quality and they are johnny on the spot with their parts. They have been around a good long time and there is no reason to believe they won't continue to be.

You are correct. The Audi to Ford kit
was just added to Kennedy's line.
They have already shipped some, but they don't stock these kits. My 914 kit
took 8 weeks from Kennedy.

I'm pretty sure RF stocks their parts,
so if you don't care to wait, they are
probably the quickest.

I'm not in a hurry to get it at this time, i'm thinking more in the future when i need to replace the clutch or the starter fails and I need to get it fixed. If these are all weird one-off specially built parts,,, your screwed. I know I can't get away from it entirely but it would be nice to minimize the hassles.

Robert Logan

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We are in the process of seting up a complete distribution centre at Gordon Levys Pheonix shop. All the parts you require will be available through Gordon and I have a shipment leaving in the next few weeks. There are some 14 front and rear GLASS screens on the water at present.

I have set two major goals for the next financial year and the complete set up of this US base is the #1 .

Please rest assured that parts are going to be readily available in the US very shortly.

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I spoke with Kennedy a couple months ago and they said they don't offer anything at this time. Roaring Forties does offer a complete setup now as a reasonable price.