01E Rod type shifter


Does anyone do a mechanical / rod type shifter for an 01E 6 speed?
i have only seen cable type arrangements.

Fran Hall RCR

GT40s Sponsor
We use cable shift systems and they work very well...accurate and no issues with adjustment,

the 016 and 01E transaxles have different shift layout internally so the shifters are not interchangeable.
Hi Fran
The 01E you sent me should be here end of month.....finally.
I have used the cable shift before with no issues but i would like to try a full mechanical shifter this time if possible. If not i connect up the cable shifter....
As installed in the vehicle the 01E uses rod shifters as the shifter is nearly on top of the gearbox, however for a rear engine vehicle a cable type shifter is almost required due to the length and accessibility to the gearbox.
Yes I have discovered that Eric does a linkage conversion kit so my Cable-shift shifter for the 016 will work with the 01E.