2 Hour enduro on Brands GP circuit invitation


I received an email from the organisers of a 2 hour endurace event to take place in September on the Brands GP circuit. The relevant part of the email is as follows.....

We have a two hour enduro at Brands Hatch GP circuit this september coming. Its called the "baby 360" and is an addition to the more and more popular six hour.

This chance for the clubman to sample the Long Circuit at Brands is a must and we (360MRC) are proud to offer it at an unbelievbable price of £850.00

It's for one or two drivers, with a mandatory pit stop, refueliing is allowed but not mandatory . There are several classes but what I am hoping is that you could persuade a few club members to bring their GT40's to race? You could have your own class.

Now I know that Goodwood is on that weekend, but there are LOTS of Reps as well as real GT40's that wont be "invited" to play at goodwood so it could be a lot of fun for you and your friends.

Its 30 min qualifiying then 120 mins on the GP CIRCUIT AT BRANDS......ITS A MUST DO at that price!!!

Would be great if you could come along

Also, just to let you know, next years 360 the GT40 WILL BE ELIGIBLE!!!...and if ya come to this race in September....ya get a "Loyalty Bonus" for next years race

So if anyone is interested to take part, please contact Claire at [email protected]. I hope to be taking part but not in my 40.
I,m already registered for this race with the 917K.

It is a rare nowadays for the Grand Prix circuit to be used, and the chance for a two hour race is not to be missed.