2017 Ford GT Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction

Maybe some of you guys saw the 2017 Heritage Edition Ford GT (black No. 2 after 1966 Le Mans winner) sold for 1.4M plus fees. Very shrewd for the owner to double his money after the 2-year no sale contract with Ford was up. This makes me sad as I feel the application/vetting process by Ford was duped. Owners can of course do what they want, but the spirit of the application process was to find "true blue" Ford owners. I ran into a Ford executive at a Ford dealership car show and told him of a forum member that owns one or two original GT40s and a couple of Cobras, whose application was denied. He said that was a shame but the vetting was done by a third party. I've owned my GT40 replica 20 years now and if I could have bought that GT my final wish would be to be buried in it.

Eric B

I have a good friend that owns some 7-8 little birds, 4-5 57 Fairlane's, and other Fords. Plus he is connected in the automotive business, a known guy at Ford. He couldn't get a GT. I agree Mark, the system is crooked.