A previous version of Ford vs. Ferrari book is on Amazon.com

Not as lavish as the Haynes book, but loads cheaper.

Ford Vs Ferrari, the Battle for Le Mans Hardcover – 1984
by Anthony Pritchard (Author)
A journalist friend of mine got together with Anthony Pritchard, and got the rights to reprint this significant book, about what is referred to as the Golden Age of racing. BUT, the original small book was finished and printed when Ford left its' official direct international racing effort in 1967, but, Ford GTs again won LeMans in 1968, and 1969. (Gulf, Wyer racing effort) So, my journalist friend got chapters from Mr Pritchard from a subsequent book, covering those years to make a more complete book about the Ford GT racing program. The original book, and those chapters were combined, with applicable photos to create this book in 1984. I later purchased all his remaining copies of the book, in sealed cases from the publisher in Japan.