New book on Shelby but how "new" is it?

In the ad I saw, they didn't mention that it was written in '67 so I sispect this is The Cobra Story republished? But does it go beyond '67? It's obvious it's a new printing because it mentions the Ford v. Ferrari movie (may be called LeMans '66 in other markets). If anybody has it, tell us if it covers LeMans in '67. 68 and ;69 and anything he did afterwards...thanks

Here's the ad pitch:
"Carroll Shelby wasn't born to run. He was born to race"¬‚¬"some of the fastest cars ever to tear up a speedway. Now his high-velocity story has taken its place in racing history--in the words of the man who actually lived every action-packed second of it. The exciting new feature film Ford v Ferrari--starring Matt Damon as Shelby and Christian Bale as fellow racer Ken Miles--immortalizes the small-town Texas boy who won the notorious Le Mans 24-hour challenge, and revolutionized auto racing. But Shelby's got many more zero-to-speed-of-light stories to share, in his own wild, unmistakable style.
A wizard behind the wheel, he was also a visionary designer of speed machines that ruled the racetrack and the road. While his GT40s racked up victories in the world's most prestigious professional racing showdowns, his masterpiece, the Ford Cobra, gave Europe's formidable Ferrari an all-American run for its money. With his foot on the pedal and his eyes on the prize, Carroll Shelby never looked back on his rocket-ride into greatness. Truly an autobiography in every sense, THE COBRA STORY will satisfy any reader with a need for speed.
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I had to do a double-take when I saw this fellow. Does he look like anyone familiar? CS maybe?

It isn't Carol Shelby. It was a fellow in the audience at my granddaughter's US Marine Corps graduation at Parris Island, South Carolina last week. Maybe his hat should say "Ford" instead of "USMC". :)