Access to configuration page

For those looking to configure a SLC, the link to the configuration page comes up as under construction. However if you go the the Kit Details page, at the bottom of the initial description of the kit, there is a link to the SLC Configuator that works.


Lifetime Supporter
The configuator is running, but it is not ready for general use. If you choose to use it before it's made generally available please understand that it has known defects and that we're not accepting feedback until it's available via the primary links. Thanks for your patience.
The inadvertent link to the configurator is fixed now- as soon as the configurator is ready, it will be released and we can all enjoy playing with it! Until then, please be patient while we rebuild it.

The configurator is back up, after a long rebuild caused by complete destruction from overseas hackers. But it's back with some new options, and new defenses against the same kind of destruction. Please let me know if you see bugs or problems. It's early on, and we know of some bugs we are fixing, so please be patient!

Thanks for everyone's patience while we rebuilt the configurator!