Active Power GT

Randy V

Very nice Chris!!!
Looks like this customer opted to have tubular upper control arms rather than the Corvette ones. Or are they all that way from AP now?
Please introduce your customer to the forums - we could use some fresh blood here..
I like the green!

Keith, there are many of us that have made our front clips tilt. The radiator remains stationary.

Professor Plumpe

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Fool that I am Randy! I was trying to picture how the rad normally lay and I added two + one and it came to five. The sight of the unusually placed top hose somehow forced a conclusion that there was a swivel in there somewhere. :stunned:

Blame the meds...:lipsrsealed:

Still, nice looking car.. :thumbsup:
Hey guys,
Thanks for the comments. This car has the fabricated upper arms. We were doing that actually for alignment purposes. The heims just made it easy to get the wheel alignment from up top but now we are using simple shims on the upper fronts and retain the stock C5 arm. The rear alignment uses the conventional lower Cam set up. We offer complete fabricated arms for track use but the rubber of poly bushings in the stock arms really are the way to go for the street.
Here's some pictures of the standard set up now, uses off the shelf arms.
That radiator is stationary we were using an off the shelf core and modifying it. We're using a radiator with both the in and out coming from the bottom now.



Randy V

I've always liked the C5 Vette suspension and think it would be pretty darned hard to engineer anything better for these cars...

After all - GM spent mega millions developing that car... Even the stock compliant bushings for the C5 should be substantial enough even for most competitive driving venues..