Active Power MKII rear clip and duck bill

One of the things that bothers me about this rear clip is the duck bill . It is not really correct .. or is it? Seems to me this looks like a modified MKI rear clip. The more I look at it the more I go back and fourth on my dislike of it. Which begs the question, how many variations of the MKII rear clip/front clips are there? I prefer the " rear haunches" of the recognizable MKII rear with the flat extension plate.

I was told that the rear was splashed off an " original" MKII ( heritage unknown). Here is an image of the rear clip - in process of clean up.

It is hard to tell from the color/angle, but it looks like the area behind the scoops is nearly flat. Is there a small rise in the surface as you near the side (fenders if you will), rounding it out. If you look at mine you see pronounced "bulge" in that area. I do see many differences in the the two clips.
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In basic, a mk2 has a mk1 front clip with bigger wheel humbs and a deep vent with and without splitter.
Ford lowered the mk2 up front to get more downforce, and to create the required wheel clearance they raised the front wheel humbs.
I am using a mk1 spider as it came with it.
Spider from a mk2 differs also.
Arrow points out a line that goes into the mk1 upper scoop. On a mk2 that line does not excist (see previous P1016 pics)

Where that line goes to on a mk1.

Stephen Ducker

The swage line on the 'spider' & door top is not on any genuine GT40. It is a quirk of the replica market. The Gulf car above is a replica.

Regards Steve
Many thanks. I see some of the details in my clip shared ( somewhat ) with the Tornado rear clip. Any images out there of an MK11 with the "duck bill"?

Andy Sheldon

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Both of your rear ends are modified MK1s.
The MK2 has a much deeper rear window and is straight across the top back edge.
Keith. Not sure of the heritage of your back end but its a MK1 with an extra side scoop.
JP. Yours is a GTD MK2. They used a MK1 and modified it by adding scoops and another set of MK1 tail light holes.
MK2 tail lights are much smaller and deeper.
The top side profile has a crank in it where the top scoop ends and it should be a smooth curve front to rear.
The tail lights are too large and the rear vent holes are nothing like a MK2.
Andy Sheldon, thank you very much for clarifying my rear clip heritage. very much apriciated.
Puzzle is comming toghether now. So we have a GTD body, which we never knew.
Bought as a abandoned never build project now seems to be a KVA "B" type chassis with a GTD body. Nearly finished by now.
I pretty much figured my rear clip was an odd one. When sold to me I was told it was a splashed from an original, but many questions arose as I looked at it deeper. I did see a similar rear clip that was found a few years ago on an original. it is very similar to the "Salt" Walther.
Has the"duck bill" but not a real MK11. This w?as the origination of the question, the rear clip of the MK 11, how may MK11 variations are there? Was the MK1 upgraded by other teams or just a one off here? Were the early MK11 variations from builders just an loose interpretation of the MK11?

Also the is the vent drivers side pillar of the MK 11 a one off ? I want to include this and delete the replica bump on the spider to make a better transition to the rear clip.


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RCR rear clip. Sorry I don't have a better side view. Their body was popped off of P-1008