Adapter kit BNC products

Just thought i would pass on my thoughts regarding an adapter kit I purchased from Chris at BNC products.

I was having clutch slips problems with a high powered engine I had fitted to my RF, it was an ongoing issue and i had tried a few different variations of clutch discs and pressure plates, which included an adapter plate change as well, nothing seemed to work or hold under racing type conditions.

I contacted Chris as I had seen on that he had a triple plate 7 1/4 Quarter master clutch set up that might suit my application.

Chris answered my emails quickly and with helpful information. I decided to move forward with purchasing a new set up and the new adapter kit and clutch was orderd. I recieved the kit about 4 weeks later and I also needed to send my thrust bearing to Chris for some mods to suit the new pressure plate.

Once the kit arrived i was impressed with the packaging and the amount of bubble wrap and so on to protect the parts. I installed the kit and realised that there was a problem with the pressure plate fouling on the gearbox inner bell housing. Now the set up I ordered is a pretty radical kit and some would say a full race version clutch and not the normal arrangement Chris would sell .
I contacted Chris with the fitment problems i was facing and he was quick to respond with ideas and helpful drawings. Chris never backed away from the issue. Chris offered set up changes and many options for me.
I ended up having to get a supplied flywheel spacer machined down 2mm and a spigot machined to suit my Scat crank (slightly different from stock Windsor crank) and all was sorted. At the time i was a bit annoyed but i quickly realised this was a custom application and a small amount of machining was no big deal. Also as far I know there is no triple plate 7 1/4 inch Quarter Master clutch with Adpater kit to suit Audi 01E to Windsor small block available anywhere in the world. I had a lot wins with installing BNC products adapter kit and one was taking 10kg out of the rotating mass from the previous flywheel arangement. The new kit was also much lighter than the previous set up.

This triple plate sintered metal clutch is very sharp , doesnt like slippage and not recommend for mainly street driven 40s but holds my motor (493RWHP) doesnt slip and is exactly the result i wanted.

I am very happy with the product and the quality of the parts supplied was excellent. I would highly recommend Chris for your adapter plate needs and especially if you have clutch problem like i did.

Nice to hear you finally got your clutch problems solved and found a vendor who is ready, willing and able to work through custom solutions. Sounds like a win all around.
Yeah it was a good win John. Sticky race tyres and a Driver who gives the car no mercy. I needed a real solution from a Vendor who understood what I needed. I needed it quick and wanted gear that was up for the job.
Nearly a year on and this clutch and adapter set has taken a pounding, relentless shifts and clutching.....still going strong. Highly recommended.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Just for future reference, a 930/Ls set-up would be nice. The current KEP equipment works fine, but I'm troubled by the seemingly large adjustments to the clutch arm for what little miles I put on the car. At the current rate, I'm wondering is a new clutch disc replacement is in my near future. Obviously I'd never bring this up if not for my insignificant previous purchases, but excellent product and service Chris provided.


Tx Ter -- Check crankshaft end float -if its any more than .005" then that'll be the reason for your constant clutch adjustment