Have any of you guys down under heard of or delt with Albins? A friend of mine sent some info on them and it looks like they make a 3:22 ring and pinnion for the Audi 5N gearbox? Any help would be great. Thanks

Albins have been producing a transaxle for off road use for some time here in Australia. I understand they are one of the very few people who have the equiupment required to machine the parts you are after.

Steve - I recommend you talk to John at GTA (German Trans) in Portland area. I worked with them to develop the 3.22 to which you refer. Albins was the supplier that worked with GTA. You will likely not be able to get one direct from Albins in Australia as they had agreement with GTA. It's not cheap, but it's a lot cheaper than any other transaxle option out there. - Mitch
I have dealt with them extensively. Actually I am hoping they will make me another sequential tranaxle.
I have nothing but praise for them, as they really are happy to cater for the one off. Very professional out fit. Talk to Hayden, and he'll look after you