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Peter Delaney

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How on earth does it keep its ass in the air if it has a 307 Litre engine ?

Some coil-over setup !!

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Chris Liokos said:
16 inch rims, row profile tyres, motor not fitted = big-time-ass-in-air :D
... all issues easily solved.
I was just beginning to like ass-in-the-air, especially B.T.A.I.T.A.:shrug:
Ass in the air

Keith H,
With over 100 "ass in the air " RFs out there including me every RF owner will watch with baited breath that whatever you buy and post is "ass down in the grass". Get my drift. Cheers.
Been checking

All you RF owners.Following our English friends comment re RFs "ass in the air" comment I have done some searching and measuring.The difference in height at the rear on my RF054 varies side to side by 18mm.I took measurements off various suspension points including chassis to ground etc both sides and then the rear clip. Unfortunately the rear clip has a twist of 18mm side to side.RF may have taken a mould off a damaged original which I may suspect. Passenger side on my car is 18mm higher to the driver side with the clip shut which may explain "dont shoot a photo from the PS side of an RF".It may give you an "ass in the air effect." Drivers side has the top of the tyre exposed only 10 -15mm to the top of the guard.A much better effect from a photographic and wow factor perspective.Cheers guys and sorry Mitchell H.


And there you have it... a stance to suit all and all you need to do is swap sides.

Ain't life wonderful...:)

Interesting info re: the RF body twist. Doesn't fibreglass tend to make a set like that if it's badly stored after moulding? I know the KVA's were asymetrical from side to side (apparently taken straight from an original) but I thought that RF had cured this problem. :confused: