Another UK Build


Hello all..
I'm just about to start a GT40 build (Midlands UK) based on the southern/AK chassis. And plan to start a build thread so i can share progress and get feedback on the build as i go..
Its not my first car build, and i do lots of custom fabrication for work.. Looking forward to becoming a member of the community..

Thanks. Dean
Hello Dean,

I have also just started on my AK Build, had it a while and have majored on engine build but now getting stuck into suspension.
Going to start panels later this week.
Good luck


Nice to have another builder from the Midlands area. I look forward to watching your progress
Hi Dean, another member here from the Midlands, will also be starting a GT40 soon, plenty of experience restoring and customising classics so if you ever need an extra pair of hands even just for the heavy lifting, give me a shout