Anyone looking to sell a SLC Superlite unfinished kit?

Bill B

Hi Mark,
I just read your inquiry and yes, I am seriously considering selling my car. There has been a significantt amount of quality work done, and to do it the way I want to, there's still some to go. My life has changed in the 5 years that I've had it. I'd be glad to talk to you and send you pictures.
Bill Bares
Bay Area, CA
Haven’t been on here in while. But yes I’d love to see and know the info. Dm me for my info


Unfortunately some people decided to bid early and now using automatic bids, so stupid. Car is RH drive, I’m sure for any US people it would be a tight fit getting the pedals into the left side
Is the pedal box size different left vs right? I have not noticed. Can you flip the rack and move the steering column to the left easily? You hope that the bidders know what they are getting into , this is not a project for the uncommitted . I was wondering roughly what percentage of kits get completed by the original owner. I bet is less than half.
Good luck Kyle, I hope price stays reasonable, could be a good deal other than the RH drive situation. I like the green :)


I won’t be bidding, but from my understanding...the dash is set up for RH drive so that would either need to be modified or bought new. The steering column would need to be switched to LH, the center chassis support spline is shifted 2in in the wrong direction which would make the pedals and seat tight. The steering rack would need to be flipped as well.
modifying the dashboard is not a big deal, cut and paste fiberglass, the pedals are tight as it is , it would be a problem, also the seat position could be a major issue, it is super tight as well. Probably no worth it especially if it gets any higher, wonder what kind of novice dreamers are bidding . Good luck finding a better option .
If all the parts are there and in good shape could be a decent deal, if it needs to be converted to LH drive and no windshield, value is questionable .