Audi 016 transaxle kit

Audi 016 kit here. If you're building a scratch build or an economical kit then the audi 016 transaxle is a good and efficient option.

Included here:

1. Audi 016 transaxle in great shape, new redline oil, ready to use. Ratio code AAZ. This transaxle was gone through by German Transaxle about 5 or 6 years ago then only driven a couple thousand miles before I swapped it out for a different 016 with different ratios.
2. SBF to audi 016 adapter plate with 10.9 grade new fasteners
3. New Sachs pressure plate - 3082086334 Typ M 228
4. Flywheel adapter ring
5. New Sachs friction disc - 1861626034
6. New throw out bearing - Timken 614015
7. Pilot bearing (with instructions)
8. 2nd hand shifter - from a Toyota Corolla, common and good shifter for kit/replica cars.
9. Audi clutch alignment tool
10. A couple new transmission mounts (used on CAVs).

You will need a few other parts such as a starter, ring gear/flex, clutch slave cylinder, which are not included.

$1,200 bucks for all. If interested shoot me a pm. Thanks.


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Hi Mick, you bet, but I imagine shipping to Australia is pretty pricey. Surely there's some old Audi 5000's floating around in recyclers yards in your backyard?
Yup, got it. Yes, these do seem to be getting less common now. I guess lots of old audi 5000's have been crushed and destroyed at this point. I just like this little audi box for simplicity and light weight and cost....and relatively good durability for modest hp/tq applications.

Still for sale if anyone is interested. Make a nice present under your christmas tree this season!
Thanks for the help Cliff, I have managed to pick up a replacement box off Ebay in the USA, not sure how to have it shiped can anyone help.


On the shipping, I have shipped a couple of these internationally via UPS. If it's less than 150lbs (it is) then they will take it regular ground shipping. Trouble is it needs to be boxed/crated appropriately and that can take some time.