audi 016

Hi Guys,

I am looking for an 016 type box with a 3.89 diff ratio to rebuild. I already have all new core components, gears, bearings etc but am in need of a case, shafts and 3.89 r and pinion. This goes out to the guys in Australia cos i dont want to spend a huge amount on freight. Thanks for any help. Shep.
Hi Ian,
Great talking with you a few weeks ago. Maybe on the gear case you should try Robert Logan at RF (If you havent already)
Alternatively some of the European car dismantlers in Perth may be able to assist.

Hey guys. Wander if anyone can help. Ive been offered an Audi 5 speed from a uk 1989 2.2 petrol A100. However the code on the gearbox, apparently is AMR 1904. This doesnt sound like an 016 type box. Would anyone out there be able to throw any light on it?, Cheers Shep..
I got one out of NZ from a place called Euroline for AU $500.00, here are some contact details:
Work: 092947635
Fax: 092947281
E-Mail: [email protected]

They were great and the $500.00 was for them to drop it on the door step of the freight company in NZ, unfortunatly i paid $700.00 to air freight it to my door.