Audi fwd transaxel

Hi there, at the risk of starting a whole new story, can the Audi FWD trans axel be used as only a 2wd such as the 013 or 016. I am being given a trans axel tomorrow night and am not sure that I can use it as 2wd.
Any pointers thanks.
Russell K
The general opinion seems to be that the all-wheel-drive transmissions do not convert well to 2 wheel-drive. Check with Scott at Advanced Automotion for more information about your specific transmission.
Ditto what Eric said. The consensus seems to be that in 2WD mode (rear output not connected) they don't have the durability of the 2WD-only version. I'm not sure exactly why that's the case however and don't have any specific data or reasons why that's the case.
You don't want to run an AWD audi box as a FWD only box because the front output shaft runs inside the counter shaft. It's small only meant to see a max of 40% torque by design. In a FWD only trans, the counter shaft itself drives the ring and pinion so it's designed for 100% torque. However, you can run an AWD as a RWD trans (if your engine is up front) with a locked center diff and they'll hold 800+hp.
The FWD pinion shaft, and pinion bearing are more robust that the AWD versions and thus better suited for 2wd duty.

As far as transmissions, avoid the 013 it is utter rubbish. The 016 is nice but limited and parts availability is sketchy and getting worse as VW/Audi has discontinued most parts except for the seals. The 016 is a good box for light duty.