FS EU BRM Wheels and Tyres

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
GT40s Sponsor
FOR SALE. Set of 4 X BRM 6 replica wheels with tyres.
8" X 17" fronts and 10" X 17" rears in Anthracite Grey.
Condition of the rims is excellent with no rim damage.
Front tyres are 235/45/17 ZR and rears are 265/40/17 ZR Toyo Proxes T1-S. Lots of tread on all tyres.
Wheels are 5 stud bolt on and supplied complete with lock plates, spinners and nuts.
Offsets are to suit Tornado TSC GT40. £1800 ono.
Contact email [email protected] or 01562 820372. Located in the UK.


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Hi Andy, we were in contact by mail some months ago as I was looking for buying a tornado as a kit but finally I bought a complete GTD from 1991.
Do you know if your wheels will be ok for it ? Thank you by advance. Mine are halibrand ones 225 60 15 and 295 50 15, from the factory
I think it was 215 60 vr15 fronts on 8 inch rim and 265 50 vr15 rears on 10.