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  • Hello Brian, you seems to be a GTD40 specialist. I just purchased one here in Sweden and are looking to find more details and specifications, manuals etc about those cars. Can you advise and place where I can look up after such information.
    Thanks and regards, Stefan Hilmersson, Sweden
    Hello Brian,
    I am very sorry to hear about your wife's injuries - May I wish her a speedy recovery and wish you well at the same time.
    I think we met years ago at the Tornado factory on an open day.
    Funnily enough your name cropped up the other day while I was doing some family history research.
    I think our paths also crossed way, way back in the mid '60s, when I was staying with a cousin in Surbiton who was involved in karting with Chris Merlin. I think you produced some rather tasty tee shirts for everybody.
    Hoping I'm right - If not forgive the intrusion!
    With best regards,
    Hi Malcolm,

    That confirms the number that we came up with. Yes I realised that GTD had used the dialing code. Many thanks for your help.

    Best regards,

    Hi Brian

    A Mr Livingstone did buy chassis number 60 n 1987. Therefore I would suggest the chassis number would be GTD4001202006087. The 01202 bit of the number is purely the Poole standard telephone dialling code!

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards

    Hi Brian,
    Hope all is well with you. I still have to send you my water pump! Have had it packed in a box ready to go for 2 months and I never seem to be able to get to the PO... and now the wife saysd she won't carry it down there, as she only has 5 days left before D-Day.
    Hi Brian,
    Hope you got my e-mail earlier. Wont be with you until 10am on sat. See you then

    I read on a thread that you can supply side stripes. I'm looking to replace my black ones on my gtd40 with white and also a wide center stripe, can you help
    [email protected]
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