Bundle of Snakes Clearance Issue

Vinny P

Hi Joel,

There are threads on the forum detailing how to set up the throttle linkage for 4) Weber 48IDA intake systems. There's also information about choosing emulsion tubes and jets that do not apply to EFI systems. Those threads are worth reading regardless if you have an individual runner EFI system or Webers.

What absolutely applies to an eight stack EFI system is the synchronization of the throttle blades at idle and as the throttle is opened. If you are not synchronized then each cylinder will not receive the same volume of air per intake stroke. This upsets the air fuel ratio per cylinder, some may be right on or lean or rich. Make sure the throttles open equally.

Also verify that both banks of throttles open equally. We had one EFI system that would not pull open the paired throttle bodies equally even though the linkage arms, throttle stops and levers were all the same. It turned out the central pivot the throttle cable pulls on was slightly offset to one side on the intake manifold mounting pad...

Then you can consider other factors such as ignition timing, advance curves, fuel pressure, injector size and bandwidth and injector timing. Get all that right and the intake side should be ok.

Then you're back to the quality of the EGO sensor signal and it's best location to avoid air leaking in resulting in a bad reading at the sensor.

Sounds like fun! I believe my EFI set up should be fine, the motor ran great with regular headers during the break in and testing. From then until now well that's another story. Like everything else on these cars nothing comes easy it's always a process. Stay tuned!