Car for sale

I'm sorry I have to use the paddock for a response. I tried listing my car RF GT40 for sale and it won't let me list it in the For Sale section . I emailed twice for information with this problem with no response. So it lead me to here. I do not want to violate any forum rules so any help will be great. Economy has forced me to sell my beloved Gt40 and other cars. I have no choice.....! but I'm in trouble. Business have suffered great losses and I have no choice but to liquidate. Many will be happy that I will suffer a loss do to my reputation on the forum. But I assure to the buyer of my car will truly enjoy this masterpiece.



Ron Earp

From My email on Monday sent to mgb*** (characters removed to protect your email from spam) which was the email that the inquiry came from. In fact, it was my second response to your inquires, you'd asked about it previously, about a week earlier, and I responded then too. Not sure what is going on.
Hi John,

I responded to your last request about this. Have a look at the For Sale Forum from the main page, it lists the requirements - must be a forum supporter. You can simply click on the "Support Forum" link there or at the top of the page to become a supporter.