Castle Combe Autumn Classic 6 October 2018, UK.

"A magnificent line-up of Ford GT40s is being assembled for the seventh Castle Combe Autumn Classic on Saturday 6 October when the model’s 1968 Le Mans victory will be celebrated."

There should be about 10 members of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club who will be bringing their cars to this GT40 special event within the program of the Castle Combe Autumn Classic. See their website for more details. I believe there will also be 4 production cars as well as recreations of the marque. It is also planned to have some parade laps of GT40s between races.
I'll be there with GVU 151 D, a type C KVA GT40, so come and say "Hello!"

Tony Jasper


Lifetime Supporter
Despite the inclement weather it was a great day out for us yesterday.
Nice to see some of the faces behind those emails.
Thanks to everyone who organised the Enthusiasts meet.