Chassis panels paint

I want for my build the chassis panels black colored
What is the best way
Powder coat of spray paint
I prefer spray pant but what kind off primer is the best for aluminum

Gr Hans



First, prepare the surfaces of the aluminum. Scuff the surfaces with a Scotchbrite abrasive pad to give a very slightly rough surface for the primer to bond to. Next, clean the panels with a solvent such as MEK or denatured alcohol- this leaves the surface free of greases and oils. Wipe the surfaces with a solution of water and phosphoric acid (Alumi-Prep, etc), rinse and allow them to dry. From this point on, do not handle the clean panels with your bare hands. Buy a cheap spray gun from Harbor freight ($9.99 on sale) and a 2-part epoxy primer from Aircraft Spruce. Spray on the primer and allow it to cure. Finally, a 2-part polyurethane top coat can be sprayed in any color you like. The result will be a hard, glossy, tough finish.

A less expensive zinc chromate primer can be used instead with a good acrylic topcoat but it will not wear nearly as well. An even more expensive approach would be to have the aluminum anodized black.