Childhood Dream Realised!

Hi all,

As a new owner (my GT40 was delivered on Friday afternoon) I thought I’d introduce myself, and my car.

I’ve dreamt about owning a GT40 since I was 13 years old, after getting a 1:18 scale Bburago model in Gulf livery as a toy. I still have it to this day, some 29 years later.

I’ve been casually looking for about 5 years, whilst saving up, and the search got serious about 18 months ago. With a modest budget, most of the cars I could afford were a bit scruffy, or in a colour scheme I didn’t fancy, and as is usully the case, the stuff I loved was way out of my budget!

My dream finally became a reality four days ago when I took delivery of a gorgeous blue with silver stripe GTD. Built in 1995, with just 2000 miles on, it’s as clean as a whistle, as you’d expect with such low mileage. It’s got a Ford 302ci motor, Edelbrock manifold with Holley 600cfm vacuum carb, Renault UN1 gearbox, Alcon brakes, fully adjustable Spax coilover suspension and 1967 period number plate.

The fit and finish are great, and as it’s only had two owners, one being the person who built it, I’d love to try and get hold of their details and talk to them about their build of the car.

I managed to get out in it for an hour or so on Saturday afternoon, but it’s been raining ever since! I’ll put some more photos up when the rain stops and I get it out of the garage.



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Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Martin. Congrats on your new GT40. Consider joining one of the clubs over there, and perhaps someone will know the previous owner and perhaps even the builder. Please do put up more details and pictures.
Enjoy the forum !!!
Regards Brian
Here's some more photos of my car.

I've had a few drives out in it and I'm getting to know it a bit better. The sound from the 302 is intoxicating! It just wills to you rev it!

I'm still getting used to the stir it causes wherever I go. I get stopped left, right and centre by people asking about it.

I live not far from a village well known for footballers and other wealthy types, and my car gets more attention than the Lamborghini's and Ferrari's that go up and down the high street on an almost hourly basis.

In short, I love it!


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Beautiful ride Martin, I also had a GTD right hand drive here in the USA ! The only thing I'd change is the exhaust, I'd go to the cross over bundle of snakes ,the sound is amazing! That's what I did to mine . Other than that just drive it and enjoy it !!!