PAD BOG - MDA build

Hi all!

Thought I’d share the link to my build, I’ve made a page on Facebook as it’s easier for me to upload the pictures.

The car was originally Jack Fallas (who has a build page on here), he got it to a point then lost the love and work took over, so I’ve now taken the build on to take it over the line.

Hats off to Jack, he’s done an insane amount of quality work on the car and I’m doing my best to keep this up.

Have a little browse, I try to update it when I can get in the workshop (normally daily), so it’s quite an active page!

Any questions, let me know enjoy!

Thanks field the heads up I wondered what happened with that build
Jack done amazing with it, but sadly couldn’t finish it. I’m now steaming through it, making that ever growing list smaller and smaller. I’m nearly done with the mechanical stuff, then I’m on to body work. I had quite a few loose ends to tie up / personalise, but really happy with the progress. Still a long way to go!!!!