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Mark Morse

Hi Everybody,

I'm new to the GT40s Forum, and am finding it to be a wealth of information for anyone building their own car, either a kit car, or ANY car for that matter! It's truly an amazing site, with some great people building some amazing cars! It's also nice to see that there are so many individuals who appreciate hand made and/or garage built cars. I'm also a fan of hand built/garage built cars.

I would like to ask the following question. I was wondering if anyone has been in contact with Wanni Albertini who, if I understand correctly, was the designer of the CIMA transaxles used by Pagani and Koenigsegg? It appears that several years have passed since he has been active on the GT40s Forum. I would be interested in talking to him about his transaxles, and in particular, I would be interested in learning if his transaxles are still available. And if so, can they be a direct replacement for a RBT ZF 6-speed transaxle in terms of physical size, and chassis mounting points. Many thanks to all!


Randy V

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Welcome to Mark!
As you noted - It’s been quite a while since we've heard from Wanni...
Hopefully someone can field your question ....
Enjoy the forums!
There was a long thread that wanni took part on - think its in the transaxle section- titled 'why are transaxles so expensive ' or similar. His manner upset a few delicate forum members, but his tech was very good to read, IIRC he might have posted links to his transaxles dimensions etc, not sure on that though.

Mark Morse

Many thanks to all! Lots of invaluable information here to go through! I will circle back later with any new information I discover, too.

Mark Morse

Thanks to all! I have been in contact with John B from HCF. He has been extremely helpful with regards to providing information on the 6-speed CIMA Transaxle, which I have learned is being fazed out in favor of the new CIMA 7-speed. The only downside is the price, at approximately $28,000 it is quite a bit more than the RBT ZF 6-speed. (The newer CIMA 7-speed starts in the high $30,000s, and goes up to the $60,000s, and apparently is highly customizable.) And, I am guessing that the CIMA can handle more torque/power than the RBT ZF.

Also, the CIMA 6-speed transaxle is 737.5 mm, (29.04”) long, w/o bell housing. The RBT ZF 6 speed is 625 mm, (24.606”) long, w/o bell housing. So, the CIMA 6-speed is 4.43” longer than the RBT ZF 6 speed.
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the kind words!
To clarify, the pricing on this particular 6-speed is driven largely by the need to make several parts one-off to complete it. CIMA will still support the gearbox as needed, but isn't maintaining an inventory of parts or actively selling the unit.