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1966 289 heads just arrived (on a pallet) inspect them later when finished work, all the way from Virginia..... postage and tax was more than the price of the parts!!!! but been looking for a good matching set for a few years..... another excuse not to get the engine in the chassis.
Andy, why are you specifically after 289 heads?
Is there anything else you are chasing. There was an old 1960s 289 ex Mustang for sale local to me the other week.


Doc Watson

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As I found out yesterday I need a reverse rotation 289 timing cover (the new one I have is wrong) and the reason for the 289 heads is originality, yes I could bolt on some AFR heads and get more power but thats not my build. They will be 'worked on' and have new valve guides and hardened exhaust seats put in. I will also port them to some extent.... one thing I did notice as the pallet was delivered to the pavement by my house is that the cast iron heads are fing heavy......
There's a sheap set of pre '66 289 heads on at the moment. Scott Drake have a repro of the early timing cover where the pump has no backplate.
Have you got a picture of the early timing cover needed. I will keep my eyes open for one for you.
(Ask around, see what’s sitting under the benches)

Doc Watson

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Hope to have ep 5 uploading tonight.... about to finally move the engine into place if you dont hear from me in 24 hours I will be stuck under a 302 engine block in the shed so send someone around please. Ryan early timing cover is in ep 5.

Doc Watson

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Having now got the lower bellhousing to lower chassis hoop bolts sorted (see post 156).... well it will be when the 1/2" reamer arrives tomorrow... I'm now looking at the gearbox upper plate to chassis crossmember attachment. I have bushings and my question is this...

The bushing (not to original spec but as I need to make the sleeve it fits in I can get the nearest size) has an OD of 1" 3/16 (30.1625mm) and is a press the engine mounts.... into a tube what should be the ID of the tube that will be welded into the crossmember to give correct interference fit?

I sketched the assembly... and a 9/16" Nyloc Nut will be used for final fitting.
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And I thought you were an engineer :p

Why not measure the engine bushes and their mounts and use a similar clearance?

Personally I would sleeve the inside of the bush and stick with a 1/2" UNF bolt.