Classic Car Developments Chassis #5 - Doc Watson's car

Doc Watson

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I do have a spare steering rack aluminium casting but it needs machining to suit the correct internals, its not an easy job!!!!!
I was trawling this site and came across a great idea....I've wanted a start button for the car and was going to get an original 'cold war' missile button but after a 2 am Ebay fest (not generally a good idea) I found this.....perfect....and its not showing its age, but what is it?
2am ebay fest.... you got away lightly, a friend of mine woke up the following morning and realised he had bought a tank!

Tank buyer has to move out of two-bedroom flat near Bristol - BBC News

Doc Watson

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A few more parts, thanks to Andy at GT gold parts......... the lights I sourced myself. Getting there.....



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Think of that first box of parts as the Starter.
The Main Course is waiting for you at work today.
Put that bib up close and tight around your chin...

Doc Watson

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...and a few more parts. Many thanks to Andy at GT40GoldParts.

I also have the water pipes that run through the chassis. Running out of parts to get so it must mean I need to build it now....


Doc Watson

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The deal was done many moons ago (10 years+ ????!!!!). The chassis is an 80% complete David Brown chassis from Classic car developments based in New Zealand. Which included the pressed steel inner and outer roof and some of the bulkhead components. The 'deal' also included a zf-2, all bodywork bar the sill covers and a 330ci SBF with original webers. I sold the zf-2 and engine (but kept the carbs).

I have now just about got all the parts to complete the car and am running out of excuses to put the thing together.

There is a company in the UK who produce an excellent mono chassis (the best I have seen) and can be found here...

GT40 Monocoque Chassis – Building and Racing a Legend

If you do go down the 'original' root then be prepare to remortgage your house (like I did) and the 10 years to get to this point was due to me saving, buying a few parts, saving buying etc (and paying off the price of the chassis).

Other mono chassis are available from the following...

Gelsco will make a turn key gt40. Do they sell just the mono?
Classic Car Developments also still make mono chassis but I think they also only do turn key cars.

It depends if you are planning to get a historic racing passport for the car. If not an easier route might be a Tornado kit, Southern GT also produce a nice kit or buy a GTD based car and you can go at the chassis to make it more monocoque. Frank Catt is the go to guy for anything GTD (or GT40) for that matter.

The parts I have mainly came from GT40GoldParts, uprights and hubs from John Wisher, wheels from USA, some parts from Jay Cushman, ZF-0 original gearbox from St Louis (long story) and loads of help from member of this site with other parts. Its been emotional......

PM me.

I recently called thru Classic Car Developements in Invercargil and spent almost an hour chatting to Dave. I found him to be very helpful and interested in what I had done even though I was not buying anything. The dedication to detail and skills evident in the GT40 of Brian Stewart`s and the Jaguar D types being reproduced is just out of this world. His `secret` passion is to build an M6 Mclaren. The cars could almost be classed as continuation cars such is the detail and authenticity.

what are you going to use to spot weld it together with?
not sure what I will end up with yet. Still working on the drawings.