Clear Sealant for Headlight Lens/Covers

Has anyone had any experience of trying to make a water tight seal on the their front head light lens/covers, but without having to paint a black border under the lens or using foam underneath it? Looking for this effect:
If you want to have it water tight you will have to have some kind of sealing material. If you don't like the black ring try painting it the body color.
I didn't want to paint the lens if possible - looking for some kind of very thinly based clear sealant which you can brush on, just to act as a barrier.


Mike, You might try painting the body area around the cover with clear "self-leveling" RTV. Let it cure before you install the cover or you might not be able to remove it. If you can find a non-stick release agent for RTV you could install the cover and then the RTV will cure and form a nice gasket.
That sounds like a good idea Neil, thanks. I'll investigate on some self-leveling silicone. As you say, I do want to get the cover off again at some point. The seal only needs to be thin. Will try first on some bits not on the car.

Scott Calabro

I’ve used DOW 557 and DOW Molykote 316 with success for that type of “mold release”
Both are sold in aerosol cans for around $20

Try it on a test piece first though!