Club Member makes Sunday Papers

Some of you may have seen mention of club member Tony Jasper in the sunday papers.
Tony is a survivor of the Paddington rail crash and recieved a bravery award from Prince Charles for his help in rescuing a large number of passengers with no thought for his own safety. At the inquiry meetings after the accident he got to know one of the other survivors of the accident, Jan Vaughan. Jan has been Tony's partner for some time now, they both came to the Classic Le Mans in 2002 with the club.

Yesterday (St.Valentines Day) myself and Pam were honoured to be guests at their wedding.

We wish them a long and happy marriage.

Sometimes something good can come out of a tragedy.

Max Walter

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Congratulations from the Max camp too.

I have known them both for a short while, but was unaware of the story behing the relationship.

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Yep saw the picture in the paper here as well. A great couple who deserve the best, first met the pair of them at the Le Mans Classic and will always remember the BALLAST resistor!

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Tony and Jan,

My very best wishes, and good luck with your new life in France - hope to see you again before you go.

I also caught you briefly on TV lunchtime Saturday, sitting down on a park bench, but missed an extended interview scheduled for later.

I don't get the Sunday Sport so didn't see you in print /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif