Clutch Slave Hose

Rod Dittmar

Ref: RCR40, Safir SBF Clutch Pkg. with a Girling Slave Cylinder. I'm spinning my wheels trying to figure out what Hose and Fittings I need to link the clutch hard line to the slave cylinder. I figured someone here might lead me down the right path without me making a guess, and possibly ordering the wrong stuff (again).

TIA, Rod


The threads going into the slave are likely to be either 7/16-20 or 3/8-24. Check with a bolt.
Then you need an adapter from that thread to the hose (hopefully a dash-4 female thread. You'll need something similar at the other end, but using an inverted thread to connect with the hard line on the chassis and a standard SAE on the other end for the hose. But I'm just guessing from the picture...

Rod Dittmar

Thanks for the response. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words". However, along with the pic, you've also given me some words which
explains a lot. I'll take it from here. Thanks again, Rod